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Copper car removal pay you amazing Cash for unwanted car up to $10,000

Get instant quote for unwanted car from $400 – $10,000 with copper car removal!

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We buy cars of any condition include wrecked, heap, Banger, Jalopy, boneshaker, clunker or even vehicles that broken into two-pieces. Therefore, prices vary between $400 – $10,000 depends on car condition.

  • Unwanted Car
  • Scrap or Accident car fast and free car pick up

Get Instant Cash Quote

Free towing from all suburbs can be a big sign that you will get the maximum dollar!

No need to fix or clean the car. Because we purchase these cars for scrap regardless of the current appearance, therefore no issue if the vehicle has shock absorber problem, trunk scratches, dent hood or dent bumper and broken headlight. We purchase even cars without wheels.

All you need to do is just a simple call at 0481119003

Sell written-off or unregistered cars

Any unwanted car can be counted as a written-off but written-off cannot be unwanted car. Because, unwanted car called for those cars that you might have bad experience with your vehicle probably accident that is annoying you while driving. Meanwhile, written-off called for any scrap car, which is not fixable anymore. We purchase them both and pay more money for unwanted vehicles!

Unregistered cars are easily detectable by enforcement cameras because they can check and analyses the number plate quickly. Therefore, recommended to sell these cars instead of driving. If you are caught by police while driving an unregistered vehicle; you may receive fine or even seize vehicle.

We purchase both of them written-off and unregistered car and pay top cash for unwanted car!

Unwanted Car Subjected To Finance

Selling unwanted car under any financing arrangement is a bit complicated than the vehicle legally yours because you will have to keep three parties happy. You, lender and the buyer. As long as we have faced with many struggles dealing with a car that is subjected to finance. Therefore, we decided to suspend trading with car under financing temporary.

With copper car removal, you will get some fantastic cash for unused car!

Environmentally friendly unwanted car recycle

At copper car removal, a part of anything, we put value to our environment. Because, based on EPA report. Smoky vehicles are the main cause of air pollution in the state of New South Wales. Therefore, we decided to decrease the footprint of carbon by recycling unwanted or smoky vehicles.

We purchase, recycle and pay top cash for unwanted car!

Convert Unwanted Car into Cash!

At Copper car removal, we buy any unwanted or unused cars of any condition wither its drivable or non-drivable, old or new car. We purchase them all for maximum cash. Likewise, we tow your vehicle free from any suburb on Sydney, NSW.

Cash for unwanted car and unwanted car removal are the most popular services at copper car removal. Therefore, you can sell your car from your home by calling us. When we receive a call, we will check the vehicle into our database to give you an estimate.


There are many factors effects the price of the car:

  • Mileage: the car which kilometre driven is blown 200k receives more than the car above 200k
  • Damaged level: we evaluate the car based on the level of damaged. Make sure let us know in details.
  • Weight: the more the car weight is, the more you receive money! (we recycle them for its metal)

Body Part: complete car gets more Soon will book a pickup time that is convenient for you!

You would receive the maximum cash right after we pick up your car!

What documents need to sell an unwanted or written-off vehicle?

We purchase unwanted or written-off vehicles for scrap. Therefore, we only need rego paper to make sure that car is yours. Otherwise, we do not need the rego, number plate etc.

Document you need to provide:

  • Proof of identity
  • Driver license
  • Papers of ownership a vehicle
  • Copies of vehicle’s title


If the car still registered in Sydney, you can cancel the registration. All you need to do is visit the registry or service centre and provide the necessary information with a signed number plate or cancellation of the registration form and the following information.

  • Proof of identity
  • Registration certificate
  • Number Plate
  • Cancellation payment

For more information visit: Roads and maritime NSW

cash for written-off

which kind of cars are written-off?

When a car is severely damaged, the repairing cast exceeds the real value; such a vehicle is counted as written-off vehicles. Likewise, we purchase, remove and pay top dollar for a written-off vehicle.

Free quote for your unwanted or written off car today!

Do you have an Unwanted or written-off car you are trying to sell for top cash in Sydney? Copper car removal is your local cash for vehicles always ready to help you with fantastic car removal service all around Sydney. So get in touch today how much hard green dollar you can get for your written-off car!