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How our cash for cars and FREE car removal works

Services we offer is to buy any make, model and condition vehicles such as: used car, salvage, damage, rusty or dent cars. Likewise, we pay the most money for cars based on the real worth of the vehicle. For doing this, first of all, your vehicle is evaluated by our appraiser team, and then you will be informed by our appraiser team.

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We buy Rusted car

We purchase rusted car for top dollars from all over State of New South Wales and tow them all for free.

We buy scratches car

We buy Scratches car

We collect scratches car from 165 suburbs of Sydney New South Wales and pay unbelievable dollar for some of these cars.

We buy Scrap car

Does your car got an accident and you are looking to sell it? Copper car removal is ready to purchase it for unbelievable price.

At, the pillar of our business are founded base on honesty and integrity. Therefore, no hidden fee in our services. You may think that you need to pay the towing expenses after the car sold. Definitely no, because our towing services are free. until you could sell your vehicle quickly and effortlessly.

Procedure of our cash for cars and free car removal services are easy and straightforward that you can sell your vehicle from anywhere in Sydney. No matter whether the vehicle is in the driveway or parked on the street. Therefore, you need to take these three steps to sell your car for maximum top dollars.

Call for an estimate

The first step to be taken toward selling car is to give us this opportunity to evaluate your vehicle. Likewise, we have the supreme database about the real value of cars for evaluation. For doing this, you can call us via the number on the site to update us about the situation and type of your vehicle.

We need The following information to evaluate the car:

Make (i.e. Toyota)

Model (i.e. corolla)

Make (i.e. 2003)

Location (i.e. Merrylands)

Is the car damage? ( i.e. Accident, scratches, salvage, dent…)

After giving this information, your car is evaluated base on this detail and we will inform you by offering the maximum possible dollar for your vehicle, which then you will judge on.

Schedule a pickup time

Schedule a pick up time

When we agreed, we will schedule a pick-up time base on your decision. To do this, you will ask for the location of the car, whether it is in the driveway or parked at the basement so that, we bring the necessary equipment.

Before driver come, we recommend you to remove all your belonging from the car. Which then, it will not be accessible. You do not have to do anything. Just tell us to our towing team where is the car and set the chair enjoy your coffee because we will do all the necessary works.

Get top cash

After you have had your coffee and our towing team finished their work, we put the real money on your pocket. We have three options for payment: cash, bank transfer and check. Likewise, we are ready to go with each of these three options.

Do not worry if the REGO of your vehicle remain because we help you refund it. But, we do not need the car’s number plat or REGO because we buy cars for scrap and recycling.

We ensures you with the quality of our services.

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Sophia Ryan
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I am from south Sydney and I had an old Mercedes which had a gearbox problem and I thought about how to fix it. But it has been a long time I was using it. As my friends told me about car removal companies in Sydney that purchases old car. I did not accept their words and started research on google. Coincidently found CASH FOR CARS. They had mentioned great service on their website. As a test, I asked them how much money they can pay me for my car and I shared all the required information through “get a cash quote” form on their site. I received a call that was told me about the cash offer. Finally, I decided to sell it and I asked them to remove the car, luckily they came with the tow truck and it was memorable even they did not charge me for towing. Best wishes!
Georgia Kelly
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I had a TOYOTA that was damaged and I was looking on how to get rid it of, I was worried. Fortunately found the CASH FOR CARS Company. At first, I did not know anything about their services after I checked their website. Finally, I realized that their services were fit for me. Based on guidance on their website I took action and shared with them all the information about the car. Soon I received a cash offer that was a convenience for me; I accepted the offer and they removed my car the same day and paid me the accurate money. Good job!!!
green mac
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professional, decent and expert driver of cash for car Sydney towed and removed my damaged car soon after I contacted this company and I got my cash without any bargain. You can trust it for cash car removals sydney nsw if your location is around NSW